• Feature tagging
    Autumn 2011

    A personal project that utilises jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Python, OpenCV and some custom jiggery pokery.

    Basic premise is a simple image 'work shop' based in the brower where I can render different segmentations of images. Segmentations are generated on the fly or through a background process,

    Features are detected via Python with both FAST and Prewitt corner detection, face dection also supported through OpenCV haar cascades (but not yet added).

    Feature rendering with connected nodes is all done with HTML 5.0 canvas element.

    Also allows for tagging with automated Exif extraction. Tags are key:value pairs split into groups, keys support hierarchy schemes like Location:City, Location:GPS or Location:GPS:Longitude etc.

    Tags can be spread from a single image to a whole gallery, also supports duplicate tags (e.g. a Name tag can be applied multiple times for different people in an image).

    Next few jobs:

    • fleshing out tagging ui
    • speed up image processing (multi-core or cuda)
    • add other interesting segmentation algorithms
    • add face recognition segmentation
    • allow manual association of features with tags (i.e. faces, groups of nodes etc.)
    • extend network rendering tool for more creative skeletal structures

  • Ants

    R&D for a potential project.
    This was my main contribution for the proposal, an ant game
    Process involved creating additional tools to define 'pheremone' paths for letters and shapes

    Currently in the process of reworking and modifying this code for other purposes

  • Strobes

    Simple strobing lights

  • Particles

    Simple circling spots

  • FLV Progress

    Simple flv buffer visualiser
    Note: Video is of Hendrix impersonator who was hovering around Brighton, England

  • simple yet aesthetically pleasing

  • Polygons

    watch the polys contract as they touch each other

  • Snow flakes

    responding to simple touch sensors

  • Simple Math Experiment #1

    use of sin, cos and tan to generate points in a 3D space, then connected using a slightly offset line

  • Using the 3D rendering engine in Processing

    a simple demonstration of how Processing can be used to create interesting user interfaces.

  • Ant Path Navigation

    an unpublished paper I wrote whilst at HC2 on path finding

  • Voronoi Bitscapes
    August 2012

  • Voronoi Bitscapes
    August 2012

  • Voronoi Bitscapes
    August 2012

  • Bitscapes
    June 2012

  • Compositions
    May 2012

  • Compositions
    May 2012

  • Compositions
    May 2012

  • Neon Outlines
    June 2008

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